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Finally, the anticipated"10 Men Leading he Way" list you've been waiting
for is available! This list focuses on:

  1. Christian rappers
  2. Urban Media Outlets
  3. Urban artists

By no means exhaustive--EEW Magazine could not name all the wonderful
men of God doing awesome things through urban ministry and media--the
list is a reliable and comprehensive source of information. Compiled by the
team at EEW Magazine in partnership with the team at, we
present to you our urban list.

This list comprises:

  1. "Top 10" Men Leading the Way
  2. Other veteran and emerging leaders within urban ministry and media

The list is designed to fuse all aspects of urban ministry together and is not
designed to be a competition or coronation of one group above another.
We are all co-laborers in God's vineyard.
Select interviews are available from chosen leaders on our 10 Men Leading the Way
list. The thumbnail images with "Read" attached are features and interviews available
for you.
by Kellus Hill
Music Editor,

Christian Rap is steadily heading to a point of higher respectability in the general market. There have been strides made in the area of quality and skill that have
been noticed by non- Christian media outlets as well as artists. I can see a point where the Gospel music market will support its Christ-centered rhyming cousin and
people will embrace the common ground of The Word of God being championed. I also see a point where kids and teens will understand even more that they have
viable options, or even replacements, beyond what the radio and BET support.

Though we know that Christian rap artists are flawed humans, just as us all, they focus on the solution- The Gospel. In the black community, there is a lot of trying to
solve problems with problematic behavior. Christian rap, in focusing on The Gospel, speaks about the problems while ultimately providing THE answer. We have
artists who not only rap about being husbands/ wives and fathers/mothers, they are faithful husbands/ wives and fathers/ mothers. They're pastors, teachers,
activists, business people, police officers, and much, much more. They should be embraced as examples of what redemption looks like.


  • Scott Free:Pastor from ATL who focuses on disciple- making, teaching, and equipping.

  • Tre 9: Artist, co- owner of who is about equipping, encouraging, and challenging rappers. Brings a business mind to the ministry.

  • Lecrae: Artist that most recently was nominated for a Grammy. Gaining a large amount of respect in Hip Hop for the Christian rap movement.
The following men are being honored on EEW Magazine's list (*From left to right):

  • CoCo Brother "Excellence in Urban Media"           

  • Trip Lee "Educational Approach to Urban Ministry"

  • Thi'sl "Connecting the Streets to Christian Rap"   

  • Canton Jones  "Expansion of Urban Music genre"
Terverius Black aka T. Black

  • CEO of Xist Worldwide (parent company to
    Xist Filmworks, Xist Music and more)

  • Xist Music houses artists such as Da’ T.R.U.
    T.H., The Ambassador, Sean Simmonds
    and more

  • Producer, writer & director of movie “Stand”
    (to be released January 2012) View trailer
Christopher “Play” Martin (formerly of Kid-N-Play)

Richie Righteous

  • Pastor of Jamaica Assembly of God in
    Jamaica, Queens  

  • Recently featured on TBN (July 2011),
    interviewed by Carmen View Video
Wilbert “Juice 20/20” Thomas

  • CEO of Space Cherry Films, a video
    production house based out of Jacksonville,
    FL that has single-handedly changed the
    culture of Christian Hip Hop where QUALITY
    music videos are concerned.

Marcus Hall

  • Visionary behind the "HIGHER CALLING,"
    one of the biggest annual urban outreach
    concerts in New York City.

James “Trig” Rosseau –

  • Co-owner of Christian Hip Hop media

Earl “Big Earl” Franklin –

  • CEO/President of 90K Watts LLC a
    Christian entertainment services company

  • Event promoter, angel investor, visionary
    and has worked with a myriad of artists.

Wade “DJ Wade-O” Harris –

  • Producer of VERY popular radio show The
    Wade-O Radio Show

  • Popular DJ for many urban Christian artists

Zerub (Z180 Radio) –

  • Zerub is owner of Z-180 radio, a go-to
    source for Holy Hip Hop and Rhythm &

  • Providing the latest news and exceptional
    advertising offers for Christian urban