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If you want to raise naturally and spiritually healthy children, then Rhonda J. Smith's bi-weekly
parenting column in Empowering Everyday Women Online Magazine is perfect for you. With rich
scriptural reference, real-world examples, insightful and thought-provoking lessons, and practical
application tips, the homeschooling mom gives holistic advice that works. Her  down-to-earth,
honest, and no-nonsense approach is why so many EEW readers feel she's the parenting coach they
just can't do without.

Rhonda J. Smith is a former college speech instructor & communications coordinator turned full-
time homemaker & journalist. The writing of this committed wife and mother who earned her
Bachelor’s degree in journalism and a Master’s degree in communication from Wayne State
University, Detroit, has been featured in The Detroit News, Newsday (New York), Chicago Tribune,
Daily Tribune (Royal Oak, MI),Guideposts, and Charisma Magazine.

Rhonda frequently speaks at ministry functions, writes and edits newsletters for Christian ministries,
and teaches public speaking workshops. Three times a week, she encourages women to lean on God's
strength instead of their own through her blog,
Musings of a (Recovering) Strong Black Woman. She,
her husband and three sons attend Evangel Ministries in Detroit, where they live.