Riva Tims Breaks Silence about Zachery Tims’ Multiple Affairs
that Tore their Family Apart
by EEW Magazine Entertainment Editors
It was a shocking story heard around the world in 2007 when Pastor Zachery Tims was caught red-
handed in an affair with a stripper. But what the public wasn’t privy to were the behind-the-scenes
details of what was really going on. According to Riva Tims, ex-wife of the pastor who was found
dead in a NY hotel in 2011 under the suspicion of drug use—just two years after their divorce was
finalized in August 2009—her then husband was engaged in multiple affairs.

In Riva Tims'  interview with CBN’s 700 Club, a clear message emerged.

We worship pastors and entertainers too much. We get addicted to the stardom, celebrity, and we
become enablers. We see people who are famous and popular as rock stars. We get enamored with
their gifting as they lose their souls.

“It becomes an empire. It becomes your own name that’s highlighted and it becomes about you when
that’s not how it’s supposed to be,” said the pastor and author of the new book, “When It All Falls

“When he began to travel a lot and he wouldn’t allow me to go, I knew something was wrong,” she
shared. Eventually the truth came out and it was devastating for the blindsided wife. Tims  said he
wasn’t sorry about what he had done, but “was remorseful that he got caught. There was no running
after me. He was trying to keep everything together.”

Though she wanted him to sit down for a year and work on putting their family back together again,
the lure of ministry pulled him away. “The members became enablers but not realizing it,” Tims says.
“Members were saying pastor we don’t care what you did. Just come back.”

After only 3 months of counseling, he chose to resume ministry.

But Zachery Tims wasn’t whole.

He lost his marriage and shortly after that, lost his life.

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