Dianna Hobbs
EEW Magazine President & CEO

Her desire to infuse a Christian
perspective into a mainstream
media marketplace, has paid
off, making Empowering
Everyday Women the most
influential faith-based web
publication for Christian women
of color.

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"There's 'Black' and then there's 'Black & Christian,' which are two different classifications entirely. EEW Magazine is equal
parts black AND Christian."
-Dianna Hobbs, Founder and Editor In Chief

Empowering Everyday Women Online Magazine is the leading lifestyle publication for Black Christian

"Today's most prominent mainstream magazines geared toward black women make the same mistake.
They don't understand that when it comes to the woman of faith and color, appealing to her ethnicity,
while overlooking her morality, is a huge error," says  Hobbs.

Who is the EEW Woman?
She is an empowered black Christian woman who is well aware of the media's monolithic, one-
dimensional, severely flawed view of African American women. She is frustrated with mainstream
magazines that claim to be "her voice" while speaking a language that she doesn't relate or connect to.
She is a reader who is confident that EEW "gets" her, while other brands claim to, but really don't.

The EEW woman is in search of truth and she finds it well represented through EEWMagazine. She
desires for her life to have purpose, meaning, richness and serenity. She resists the conventional
definitions of beauty and embraces her own uniqueness, for she realizes that she is "fearfully and
wonderfully made." -Ps. 139:14

The EEW woman rejects and turns away from secular world views devoid of the message and mission
Christ gave His life for, and turns toward the wholesome, principled, biblically consistent themes,
practical advice and proven wisdom found on the web pages of EEW Magazine, the
only online
publication tailor-made just for her.
Noted for its sleek design and high quality content,  EEW is well respected for delivering compelling
inside stories and relevant information.

Empowering Everyday Women Online Magazine (EEW) sets the standard for reaching African American
Christian women and is the place where she clicks first to get the best interviews, advice and resources
to stimulate, motivate and inspire her  to be all God created her to be.

The magazine is published
daily and is rated #1 in its niche market, comprising women ranging in age
from 25-55 as its core supporter base.

Under the leadership of Empowering Everyday Women's Founder and Editor In Chief, Dianna Hobbs,
EEW has emerged as one of the nation's leading black-owned & operated Christian web publications,
attracting readers from around the country seeking to satisfy their craving for a comparable alternative
to popular secular publications that represents them with integrity, excellence and dignity.

The publication features black women, as well as men, for their entrepreneurial efforts, literary works,
outstanding achievements & human interest stories.

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