David Tyree
Support for the gay community
is on the rise. But does that mean
those who are against the
homosexual lifestyle—which is
not synonymous with
homophobia or bigotry despite
the attempts of the media to
make it seem so—should not
have the right to be outspoken as
well? Why should statements
which do not support the lesbian,
gay, bisexual, transgender
(LGBT) community, be viewed as
hate speech?  
Why I Applaud David Tyree for Speaking Against Gay Marriage
An Open Letter from EEW Magazine Founder, Dianna Hobbs
Written By Dianna Hobbs
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These days the media loves to throw around the terms “homophobe” and “bigot” when individuals
speak against the gay community. While I don’t agree with harboring hatred  or spewing out
venom toward anyone who makes the choice to live as a homosexual—which I do believe is a
choice despite what others and pseudo-science try to say to the contrary—disagreement with the
lifestyle is not the same as being homophobic or bigoted.  Some of us, like me, are simply mindful
of the fact that homosexuality is a perversion and goes against God’s will for His creation.

We are not, however, seeking to harm, bully, or mistreat any members the LGBT community. We
simply want to preserve what we believe is the moral fabric of our society, rooted in a solid biblical

Like it or not, we will not mitigate our message. We will boldly continue to declare that
homosexuality is a sin. It goes against nature and God is not pleased with that lifestyle. Does that
make me, or anyone who shares these beliefs, bigoted? Does that mean we hate gays? Does that
mean we are discriminating against anyone?


It just means we are against the lifestyle and will not teach our children that it is right, normal, or
acceptable to God. We will instruct them, however, to love all people and make the golden rule the
cornerstone of their philosophy, even when individuals choose lifestyles that are incongruent with
God’s standards.

The reason I’m speaking out on this issue, is because many in the media try to perpetuate a
philosophy that says the black church is “homophobic.” No doubt there are some who fit this bill,
but not all African American men and women who ascribe to strong Judeo-Christian values, can be
lumped into this category. For example, former New York Giants wide receiver and Super Bowl
legend, David Tyree, is a great example of an individual who does not support the lifestyle, but is
not hateful in his approach.

And I say kudos!

As you well know, Tyree is speaking out against gay marriage and it’s wonderful to see someone
stand up against the immorality of homosexuality without any vitriol, hatred, or prejudice.  His
stance is rooted in faith, morality, and understanding of God’s intent for marriage.

One of the things that struck me about the former special teams star and pro-bowler who caught a
touchdown in Super Bowl XLII victory over the Patriots,  is his conviction about this issue as well
as his message to other believers which is, it is our duty to use our platforms to stand up for what is
right.  Tyree so eloquently said, “For those Christians and believers, we’re doing God an injustice
by not making his heart known to our country. I want to identify with the Lord Jesus in every way.
I realize when He hung on that cross He identified with me and I wasn’t really worthy of that so I
count it a double honor to be who I am... It’s about what’s right.”

It is our obligation as advocates for the establishment of a Kingdom agenda on the earth, to speak
out against homosexuality when the very laws our great nation were established upon, are being
overturned to support immorality.

Yes, we believe in loving all people. Yes, we believe in compassion, mercy, and forgiveness. Yes,
we believe in resisting judgment, condemnation, and slanderous speech. And yes, we also believe
we are obligated to call wrong what it is, especially when the word of God speaks clearly on it.
No doubt, a very powerful coalition of individuals is trying to force us into either open support, or
silent protest.

The pro-hetero community, of which I am a member, won’t be silent. The pro-gay community
surely is not.

Tyree speaks with such urgency about preserving the sanctity of marriage because of what he calls
an “influential minority” with an agenda, that is pushing to reshape something that was “not
founded in our country, not founded by man, and it’s something that’s holy and sacred.”
As I watched such a noted public figure stand up for what’s right even though he would instantly
lose favor in some circles, I felt emboldened and compelled to be more vocal.

I wanted to shout it from the rooftop that being a true disciple of Jesus Christ demands that we
take a stand. So I will say, you can be against the gay lifestyle and yet love gays. You can be against
gay marriage and still believe in civil rights for all. You can write a strong message just like this
one, and still be a compassionate, loving believer.

I know, because I am.

Again, I believe homosexuality is a sin. But I also believe in spreading the love of Jesus Christ,
which is the true answer for the world today.


Dianna Hobbs
Founder & Editor In Chief of EEWMagazine.com
The #1 Online Magazine  for Black Christian Women
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