Mission-minded gospel recording star, Melinda Watts, releases a new charity single  
to help at-risk tween and teen girls through her Dream Girlz Gathering Foundation.
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Melinda Watts teams up with EEW Magazine to help young girls
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And one such woman is Melinda Watts, an
international gospel recording star and Founder
of the
Dream Girlz Gathering (DGG)
geared toward helping at-risk
tweens and teens, ages 8-18, with a special focus
on girls in foster care. She has taken her
personal resources and hosted empowerment
conferences across the country that enhance
the physical, spiritual, mental, and emotional
well-being of girls.

Many of them come broken, hurting and with
no religious background. Some of them are
foster children. Others, considered troubled
and at-risk, have parents and school officials
stumped regarding what should even be done
with them. Guardians and community leaders at
their wits end desperately want these girls with
the tough and rugged exterior to be connected
to positive programs to help save them from a
reckless path that leads to a life of hardship and
poor decisions.

Some call them hopeless, but Melinda Watts,
simply calls them “Dream Girlz.”

Watts, who is also an official partner of the
United Nations (UN) “Girl Up” Foundation,
Gospel Music Channel’s 2008 Gospel Dream
talent search winner, and Stellar & Dove Award-
nominated gospel recording artist, feels  called
by God to save a generation of girls who might
otherwise fall by the wayside.

EEW Magazine caught up with the mission-
minded singer on the heels of her successful
G.L.A.M. (Girls Leadership and Mentoring)
Camp that played host to 75 multi-ethnic girls
at the Pinebrook Conference and Retreat
Center in Pennsylvania during the month of
November, National Adoption Month.  She
chatted about what God is doing through her
Foundation and expressed excitement about
her new Christmas charity single,
Yourself a Merry Little Christmas
. 100% of the
proceeds from the sale of the single, Watts’ first
in more than two years, will be donated to the
Dream Girlz Gathering Foundation to help her
continue to train, mentor, and empower girls
across America.

It’s no surprise that the former High School
teacher has a vested interest in charity work.  
Before ever winning Gospel Dream and being
recognized by those outside her immediate
circle of family, friends, and peers, Watts was
doing the same kinds of things she’s doing now.
For her, the transition out of the school system
was difficult.

“I had to go back into my classroom and let the
teachers know, let the principals know, and let
the students know that I had to go and it was so
hard. It was very hard because I had a program
inside the High School for girls at that time, and
it was something that I started. It was new and
the girls had been with me since their freshman
year and so when I won Gospel Dream we were
in their senior year. So it was very difficult to
just go and say, ‘Hey! You know, I got a record
deal, so I’m out.’ It was hard.”

Watts found the shift so challenging because for
her, her post as a minority teacher represented
something important for those urban students
of color. “I taught at a school where there were
no African American teachers,” she tells EEW.
“I was the only one, but all the disciplinary staff
was African American, though. So the only time
girls got a chance to see anybody of color is
when they were in trouble. So when I realized
that they were looking up to me all that time as
a role model, I went to the Administration and I
told them to let me pilot a program that was in
my heart from [back when I was in] college to
let me have a class where I could mentor girls,
give them inspiration every day, teach them
things like social skills, etiquette, life skills, you
know, little things that girls in that community,
which was under served, needed at the time.”

Initially, Melinda had a tough time convincing
the administrative staff that she could do it.
“They were a little hesitant. They thought I
wouldn’t be able to do it because I was close in
age to the kids, but God favored it because I
knew God gave it to me. I wasn’t able to talk
about Jesus or anything, but I was able to show
the love of God. The worst acting kids, I wanted
them in my program, so it really blossomed
right there in the public school, but it didn’t
have a Christian face.”

But now that Watts is no longer a teacher within
the school system, through  DGG, she gets to
proclaim the message of Christ’s love to girls.
Remarkably, the school system is now sending
girls to Watts’s Christ-centered empowerment
conferences. “Now it’s really starting to trickle
back into the school system, because I really
thought I had to leave it, because I want to talk
about the Lord and I really have a passion for
deliverance ministry, as well as missions, but it  
has just come full circle and the school system
wants what we’re doing. They don’t care that
we’re talking about Jesus. They just want
change and something the girls are going to be
attracted to.”

Girls everywhere are drawn to Watts’ G.L.A.M.
Camps—something she says God showed her in
a vision. “One time I was ministering in song
and the Lord showed me a vision of me, and the
school buses were pulling up to the church. And
when they got to the church, the church turned
into a school and the girls had Bibles in their

That vision is unfolding as Watts is able to
educate girls practically and spiritually. As a
result, she is seeing a hunger for God even
among the girls unaccustomed to church. “Your
everyday girl that does not go to church, once
she gets a glimpse of who God is, she wants

Knowing that this God-desire would be
awakened in even more girls if they were only
exposed to the message of the gospel, Melinda
Watts and her team have hit the road, taking
their camp to various cities.  “It’s something we
really love to do, so we work with schools,
churches, and community organizations to host
the events.”

These events, according to Watts, are a
"culmination of many things. It’s a school, it’s a
conference, it’s a church, it’s a revival, it’s an
overnight pajama party. It’s all those things. It’s

But it’s also expensive to move staff and
supplies across the country, which is why Watts
is offering up her gem of a voice as a fund-
raising tool for the Dream Girlz Gathering.

“It’s been about two and a half years since I
released music," says Watts who is currently in
the studio working on her sophomore album to
be released in 2012. "And as you can see, I’ve
been busy. But music is a big part of all of this,
so I did a Christmas single, because I love the
holidays and Christmas classics, so I remade
Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas and I’m
really excited to release that for this holiday
season for people to get. And all of the proceeds
are going to go to help support the charity, so
we can continue to do G.L.A.M. Camp across
the country.”

Clearly the artist who tells EEW her next album
will be filled with "stories and worship,"  adores
and feels called to reach out to girls. But one
Dream Girl is more special than them all. Her 3
year old daughter, Lyric, is the center of her
world. “When Lyric starts screaming in the
middle of the grocery store, that always brings
me back to who I am—Melinda Watts, the mom
of a toddler,” Watts laughs. “So, my family
comes first. I love my family. I love my
daughter. And at one point, it was hard being an
artist who had such a busy schedule. Sometimes
I had to leave her behind because of the nature
of the business. But then it got to a place where
that was just not something  I was willing to
compromise, because I could see the effects of
it with young people that were in my program.
So I had to make some hard decisions about
where I would take my gift as an artist, because
I didn’t want her to grow up regretting [that]
mommy had all this success and she didn’t
attend to me. And so, that was one of the
reasons why I had to slow down, because my
daughter’s development was way more
important than me selling records. ”

But now that her season of releasing and
promoting her music ministry is upon her
again, Watts is feeling especially grateful for the
help and encouragement of  William, her loving
husband of 5 years about whom she says, "God
gave me a wonderful husband to support me
and he allows me to travel and do all the things I
need to do."

No question, this beautiful, passionate, and
gifted woman with a servant’s heart is doing
exactly what God placed her on this earth to do.
That's why our team is so glad to give her this
space to increase awareness of her Foundation.
“Just to have the opportunity to share the story
with EEW and its readers is exciting and I hope
that it inspires other women or people in
general to really do what God has called them to
do and push them to be obedient.”

EEW Magazine is asking readers to make a
Christmas Dream come true for a girl in need by
becoming a Dream Girlz Gathering supporter.
As a part of our "Mission-Focused" series, EEW
Magazine is featuring women who are using
their God-given gifts, resources, and influence
to impact those in need. The series, launched
by EEW Magazine's President & CEO, Dianna
Hobbs, is based on the scripture found in 1
John 3:17-18.

"If anyone has material possessions and sees a
brother or sister in need but has no pity on
them, how can the love of God be in that
person? Dear children, let us not love with
words or speech but with actions and in truth."

Each woman featured in this series is taking up
her biblical mandate and changing the world
with the love of God.
Article & Interview by Dianna Hobbs, EEW Founder
"I am so happy I came to G.L.A.M Camp. It's
the best! I have never been to a camp like
this. You really helped me get rid of the pain I
feel inside"- Salena age 15
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Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas
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"Since I've come to camp my burdens are
lifted and I know that God has really forgiven
me. I am so glad I came!" Asia- age 16
"I love G.L.A.M Camp! It really brought out
something better inside me that I didn't know
was there. I feel like this is MY time!" T"Azjsha
Age 14
"G.L.A.M. Camp has had a big impact in my
life. When we have Praise and Worship I feel
set free. I love worship now!" Ce'Aeisa Age 11
"Thank you for inviting me to G.L.A.M Camp!
This is the best place I have ever been to in
my whole life..Again, Thank you!"- Anastasia
Age 10
"Purpose has been more clearly defined for
me and my two worlds of music and
education have finally collided through
G.L.A.M Camp! I'm so grateful for the
opportunity to serve girls of this generation."-
Melinda Watts
Listen to the delightful sounds of Melinda
Watts' Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas
as you view touching photos from the Dream
Girlz Gathering G.L.A.M. Camp