When you're ready to get real about what it means to walk out your faith as a single, saved and
satisfied woman, Empowering Everyday Women Online Magazine has you covered.  Our  
publication's columnist, Ashley Peterson, delivers bi-weekly articles full of real-life accounts and
practical wisdom from the word of God that will help you walk out your singles journey God's way.
Not at all afraid to show her scars and reveal her errors, Peterson uses her life as both a cautionary
tale and a victorious testimony of what God can do for the single ladies who commit their lives and
relationships to Him.

Ashley Peterson is a staff writer for EEW Magazine. Her goal is to share her personal stories, discuss
current issues related to single women, and help them lead a single, saved, and satisfied like the way
God intends. When asked why she shares such personal details of her life with her reading audience,
Ashley says, "If God brings me out and I don't share my testimony, how can I help anyone else?"
Because of her candor, Ashley Peterson's Singles columnist is rapidly becoming the most-read
column on EEWMagazine.com.
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