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When Cee Lo Green, the eclectic, self-
professed womanizer, who recently
admitted to sleeping with three women a
day (
Please save him Jesus!) belts out"F
You!" in his chart-topping song, hardly
anyone (at least in the mainstream) bats an
eye. But when a respected pastor shouts
out "F You!" during a Sunday morning
sermon, it has a bit more shock value, and
leaves people asking,
was that really, uh,

Dr. R. A. Vernon, Founder and Senior
Pastor of
“THE WORD” Church in Akron,
Ohio, raised a few eyebrows recently when
he preached a sermon called
The Grace
. During his message, Vernon
replaced the usually vulgar meaning of "F
You," with his own less harsh euphemism,

Still, some who heard the sermon are  
unable to disassociate the built-in negative
Pastor Preaches Controversial Sunday Sermon "F You!"  
Pastor R.A. Vernon of "THE WORD" Church Causing Internet Buzz
connotation associated with this reference. Vernon clearly explains in his sermon, "The new F
word in this church is forgive." However, when he tells the congregation "Take your phone out,
text all your exes, and say, ‘I’m at church… F you!’” it becomes difficult for many not to think
about the less noble version of the "F word."

One YouTube commenter said:
That's what a lot of us Christians need, to be shocked out of "Religion" Its time for us to wake up
and walk in real love: that starts with "f"ing on [sic] another! =)

Another commenter who took offense wrote:
A carnal theology will only reach carnal men. Trying to make carnal sayings holy doesn't help or
appeal to men who no longer care for the world. It's an attempt at grabbing the attention of the
sinner but it infers that the pure gospel of Jesus Christ, in accordance with the work of God
through the Holy Spirit, is insufficient for the saving of men's souls...

Whatever your position, it becomes clearly evident that Dr. Vernon succeeded in grabbing the
attention of all who hear this.

Take a peek at the video clip of the sermon below and see what YOU think. Feel free to share this
story with others.
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