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Life can be hard sometimes and it seems like there is no hope. But you are not alone. Dianna
Hobbs, Founder of Empowering Everyday Women Ministries, knows what it's like to face
adversity that seems impossible to overcome.

In 2011, after undergoing a routine surgery to repair a broken wrist, she went into cardiac arrest
due to an overdose of anesthesia. Doctors had an unforeseen medical emergency on their hands
and it didn’t look like Dianna would make it. “As I was lying there unresponsive, feeling the
breath leaving my body, God said words to me I will never forget,” she remembers. “He said,
‘You’ve got people praying for you—something that has given me an even more profound
respect for the power of prayer.”

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Even through her mother Annie Brinson’s battle with breast cancer in 2011, Dianna prayed
earnestly for her healing. God honored that request and her mother is a survivor.

Prayer works.

Dianna knows it, which is why every Thursday, she and her Empowering Everyday Women
Ministries intercessory prayer team devote the day to interceding for the needs of others.
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