T.D. Jakes' daughter, Sarah Henson, shares how she became a mother at age 14
We are all guilty of it.

We think the lives of public figures with their
money, beautiful cars and homes, power, and
influence, are somehow charmed. But Sarah
Henson, daughter of Bishop T.D. Jakes, one of the
most influential preachers in the world, is
shattering that myth.  
T.D. Jakes' Daughter Sarah Gave Birth at 14
Sarah Henson Shares  Deeply Personal Story of Becoming a Young Teen Mom
Beyond her lavish wedding ceremony to Washington Redskins Linebacker, Robert Henson, which was
plastered all over the media, there isn’t much we know about the 23-year-old wife and mom.
But recently, on her blog simply called “
Sarah D. Henson: My Words, My Thoughts, My Heart,” she
opened up about becoming a teen mom at the young age of 15.

In the post titled “Guided Me Home” dated September 9, 2011, Sarah admitted that she “wanted too
much too soon,” and ended up with much more than she bargained for… a baby at 14.

She writes about the deeply personal revelation and how God used the situation to guide her back
“home,” in right relationship with God.

“Sitting in the heart of our home expecting an outburst of anger, a yell of sorrow I learned in a loving
embrace that you’d rather correct yourself than be corrected by God. You will never be able to stray so
far away that God can’t reach you, but the further you stray the harder it is to find your way home. I
found home at the age of 14 in a labor and delivery room, with my parent’s surrounding me, praying as
God gave me an insurance policy that I’d never stray that far away again.”

Though she is now married and more mature, she has not forgotten how difficult it was to be a mom at
such a young age. “I had to work twice as hard as everyone around me to make sure I didn’t get left
behind. I exchanged sleepovers for late nights watching Barney, exchanged midriff tops for onesies,”
she wrote. “For all of this I am grateful. God gave me weight to slow me down, so that I wouldn’t be like
the prodigal son giving away my worth.

"I can remember feeling like everyone was staring at me, thinking negative thoughts…. I became very
familiar with shame, learned quickly how loud whispers can be, how fast rumors travel. …More
importantly I learned to never let anything or anyone convince me I was no longer worthy of dreaming,
living my life to the fullest.”

After peeling back that layer of her life for all to see, Sarah encouraged others to release the shame of
their past—something she has learned over time.

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