Bishop T.D. Jakes on Trayvon Martin Case: ‘This Looks Like
a Hate Crime, Pure and Simple’
by EEW Magazine News Editors
Even though the corrupt Sandford, Fla. Police Department and George Zimmerman’s defense team
are working in collusion to taint evidence and distort facts in the Trayvon Martin case, the public is
incensed. Among “the outraged” is Bishop T.D. Jakes, pastor of The Potter’s House in Dallas, TX who
says “this looks like a hate crime, pure and simple.”

Many agree with that assessment and EEW Magazine applauds Jakes for speaking out so forcefully in
an article written for
Huffington Post. “As a father, grandfather, citizen-pastor, I know that we can't
afford to act as if this were an isolated case and allow our young men to be killed for the color of their
skin rather than be praised for the content of their character,” he wrote,  noting that a great legal
injustice is being done.

“The Fourteenth Amendment guaranteed all citizens equal protection under the law, and yet in this
moment we are aggrieved over such a misappropriation of the very justice that so many gave their
lives to achieve,” Jakes says.

He then asks, “How can we trust the law when it fails to provide minimal protection for the victim
and allows a killer to walk freely, virtually unexamined by police at the time of the crime or since?”  
The Dallas megapastor is also crying out for the conviction of George Zimmerman.

“The Department of Justice must be brought in to ensure that this atrocity is righted and that a killer
is made to pay for the unrighteous taking of another human life and, so far, without retribution.”
For the well-known preacher, it is not enough to merely hold the legal system and its officers
accountable. Jakes says, “We must encourage all who claim to value human life to stand up for this
young man so his voice is not muted in the earth. He is a symbol for those who might for one moment
think that the work of civil rights was done in 1964. Think again. Desperate times call for decisive

Trayvon Martin's case is surely a
modern-day lynching and we are all praying and working to see that
justice is served.

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