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By Teresa James:: EEW Magazine Entertainment News

Think Meagan Good feels in any way moved to reexamine her ways after being harshly criticized for her
“devil in a blue dress” look for the BET Awards? Think again.

In her own passive-aggressive way of hitting back at the public, on Monday, July 1, during the heat of the
debate over her breast-baring frock that dipped down to her navel, the preacher’s wife shared a photo
message on her Twitter timeline—which she later omitted, though it is still featured on her
Instagram page
to send a pointed message to “religious” people.

EEW Magazine editors have taken the liberty to clean up typos, grammatical errors, and omit unnecessary
exclamation points.

The defense of the distasteful evening gown says, “I love it! Go ahead Meagan. Keep making people start
the conversations and confront their religiosity and judgmental spirits, forgetting what they have been
redeemed from.”

The diatribe, which draws the conclusion that Good is representing the Kingdom of God, despite her
scandalous attire, continues, “Love covers a multitude of sins and your love stance will continue to reveal
the difference between the Kingdom of God (righteousness, joy, peace, motivated by love) vs. religion!
#KingdomFriend #IGetIt”

One commenter, “legally_curly” on Instagram disagreed with the perspective Good shared and responded
by saying, “There's a short prayer often quoted when people have a large audience and they're
representing Christ… ‘Lord may I decrease while you increase’ or ‘Lord, may they see more of you and less
of me.’”

The respectful challenger told Good, “Humility doesn't mean you wear a sackcloth. However, when Christ
changes you, it should be clear that there is a distinct change, which in itself is a witness.”

“Kerrylane24,” stepped up to the "Think Like A Man" actress's defense while revealing—perhaps
inadvertently—that she thought the dress was wrong. “Lets move on, GOD has forgiven you thats all that
matters, just be more cautious next time PLEASE we love you and are just looking out for you, you are our
sister, GOD be with you..."

Do you agree with Meagan Good's shared post which asserts that Christians who are critical of the slinky
ensemble are judgmental and don't understand the difference between "Kingdom" and "religion"?

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Defending The Dress: Meagan Good Responds To ‘Judgmental’ Criticizers