The miniature Winans even and sends out “baby tweets” to his growing fan base. Adorable! In fact,
Twitter was the vehicle that so quickly spread the news that 5-month-old Baby Marvin, Grandson of
Vickie Winans and Marvin Winans Sr., would be christened at a 3:00 service on Sunday, December
18, at Perfecting Church in Detroit.

Hip and socia media savvy Grandma Vickie, who shared the special moment with her Twitter
followers said, “I’m on cloud 5 million,” and she also told everyone she would definitely cry at the
christening ceremony as she has with all of her grandchildren, four in total.

Marvin III is the firstborn son of Marvin Winans Jr. and wife Monique, who are also thrilled to be
rededicating their sweet child’s life back to the Lord.
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December 19, 2011
EEW Magazine favorite, Vickie Winans, 58, is a
proud grandma. How could she not be with this
picture of grandson, Marvin Winans III which
is off-the-Richter on the cuteness meter?
And wouldn’t you know the little cutie already
has his own Twitter page
Grandson of Marvin Winans Sr. & Vickie Winans Gets
Christened at 5 Months
Vickie Winans is 'On Cloud 5 Million' Over Grandson's Dedication Service
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By EEW Magazine News & Entertainment Editors
WATCH: Marvin Winans III Eats Mommy's iPad
How adorable is he? Congrats to the Winans family. He is beautiful.
It’s wonderful to see closely knit families share in joyous moments like this together. And the Winans
graciously spread the love and joy through pictures and funny videos like the one of Marvin III
trying to gobble up his mom’s iPad.
Marvin Winans Sr.,  Pastor of Perfecting Church in Detroit, Michigan, also Grandfather of Marvin Winans III, locks eyes with
his adorable grandson who looks like he has something to say on the microphone during his December 18 christening
ceremony. Family is gathered around at the altar to witness the special dedication.