BeBe and CeCe Winans Ending Group
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It's looking like the final hurrah for multi
award-winning gospel duo, BeBe and CeCe.
According to CeCe Winans, who sat down
for an interview with, the
two have mutually decided it's a wrap.

Says CeCe, "We both have other things
that we want to do, and we're both happy
doing what we do. We both understand the
commitment that it takes to continue to do
BeBe and CeCe; it's just a lot, you know?
We wanted to come back, which we did
with ('Still') and saw the people still love
us, which is wonderful. But we also realized
this is really the end."

Though many faithful supporters of the
group will be disappointed, they can
celebrate the fact that BeBe and CeCe are
going out on a high note. The  two won a
couple Grammy's in February for their  
first new album in 15 years, "Still."
The End of an Era Comes for BeBe & CeCe Winans
The Multi Award-Winning Duo Prepare to Part Ways as CeCe Gears Up for
Live Solo Recording
"I'm not sad at all. We had a great ride," says CeCe, who is planning to record a live solo album
after finishing up her current tour with brother, BeBe. A definitive date has not been set for the
singer's next project which follows her 2008 release, Kingdom Come.

To cap off a long, fruitful career together, BeBe and CeCe will be presented with a star on the
Hollywood Walk of Fame on October 19. "I don't think at all this'll be the last that you'll ever hear
of BeBe and CeCe -- it just won't be going in the studio or going on tour again," she says.

Bebe feels that the presentation of the Hollywood star is the perfect way to say farewell. He tells
Billboard "I told [CeCe], 'Sweetie, I think that's the day we say, 'Thank you. See ya. So long. Have a
great life. That's not to say that we'll never sing again, but it is to say that it's not going to be a
continuation of BeBe and CeCe."

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