Paula White and Benny Hinn
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In 2010 when news broke that
televangelist Benny Hinn's wife of 30
years, Suzanne Hinn, filed for divorce on
February 1st, citing irreconcilable
differences, the Christian world was in
shock. Many  supporters of Hinn's
ministry banded together in prayer for
restoration. But that wasn't the end of it. In
fact, it was just the beginning of a string of
legal troubles.

The August 2, 2010 edition of the
NATIONAL ENQUIRER hit  newsstands
and featured a two-page article on an
alleged "Torrid Affair" between Benny
Hinn and Paula White, who also went
through a public divorce from her husband
Randy White in 2007, prompting both  to
official statements disputing the

According to reports, there were a few
discrepancies in the story since Strang
Televangelist Benny Hinn's Legal Troubles Continue
Faith Healer's Questionable Morality Spawns Legal Battle
Communications, Hinn's book publisher, filed a $250,000 lawsuit against Hinn for allegedly
violating a morality clause in their contract due to his "romantic" and "inappropriate" relationship
with another minister, the

Hinn, who was photographed in the National Enquirer holding hands with
Without Walls pastor
Paula White, is embroiled in an ongoing legal battle. The two were spotted going in and out of a
hotel in Rome.

According to an official email from Hinn's lawyer, Miles Archer Woodlief,  to The Christian Post,
Hinn tried to resolve the matter with Strang founder, Stephen Strang, outside of court. But court
documents claim Hinn acknowledged to his publisher "his inappropriate relationship" with White  
back in August and agreed that the publisher should be reimbursed for the book advances totaling
$300,000, but Hinn failed to pay.

These days, the Paparazzi is everywhere monitoring every move of public figures, including
religious leaders. High profile legal wrangling is simply unhealthy for the faith community.

In another twist, after Christian producer and media consultant, Phil Cooke, recently tweeted that
Hinn and White were engaged to be married, the televangelist filed a lawsuit against Cooke. Last
week, mistaken tweeter recanted.
"My tweet last month that Benny Hinn was engaged was
wrong — my source was mistaken. I’m sorry and apologies to Benny Hinn and his children.”

This story is ongoing. EEW Magazine will report new developments as they occur.
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