DeJuaii Pace
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Here we go again.

First Tonex. Now DeJuaii Pace of gospel's
Anointed Pace Sisters. What do they share
in common, you ask? Well, if you haven't
heard by now, both are  black gospel
singers who have admitted to essentially
leading closeted gay lifestyles. They both
"came out" on national television.

Tonex, who now calls himself B. Slade,
revealed his same-sex attraction in 2009  
The Lexi Show hosted on The Word

DeJuaii Pace,  a 45-year-old virgin, who
admits she has not engaged in gay sex (or
any other kind of sex for that matter),
went public with her lesbianism during a
taping of the new OWN: The Oprah
Winfrey Network show, Addicted to Food,
which premieres Tuesday, April 5th.
Member of Anointed Pace Sisters Comes Out as Gay
Gospel Industry Shocked to Learn of Closeted 45-Year-Old Lesbian Singer,
also a Virgin
The episode features  Pace, a compulsive overeater, at Shades of Hope treatment facility in
Buffalo Gap, Texas. With the help of resident therapists, Pace and other patients on the show,
work to discover the root cause of their food addiction, so they can become mentally and
physically healthier.

Here is an excerpt of Pace's interview with

    TR: You sound confident and sure of what you're doing. Are you at peace?

    DP: I'm at peace because I made peace with God about it. And I told him, "Listen, You're
    the only who can deal with this thing; you're the only one who can direct me through it.
    But I'm going to be honest with you, God:

    "Yes, I like it." I did three 40-day fasts to get rid of the "demon," or "the spirit," of the [gay]
    lifestyle, as we call it. And [fasting] kept things at bay, but the temptations were there
    when I wasn't deeply praying and fasting, and when I re-emerged, the temptations were
    still there.

    And I kept saying, "God, if you're a God who delivers from all manner of [iniquity], then
    why is this thing still here?" Sometimes it's not strong for years, and then at moments it's
    strong. There's something that God is doing here that we in the church community need to
    take a closer look at. Don't just say, "You gotta get rid of it."

Since when did God's word tell us we would conquer sin with two 40-day fasts and never have to
worry about it again. We have to battle sin daily. That's just the way it is. Mature Christians who
understand God's position on the sin of homosexuality do not suddenly grow unclear about God's
standard for holy living simply because we struggle with temptation. We
all struggle. We just aren't
tempted by the same things.

Blaming God for failing to take away temptation and assuming He must want us to succumb
because we feel the urge to do it, is ludicrous! If we acted on every wrong impulse, the world would
be in a far greater mess than it already is.

Consider this hypothetical. A woman or man is struggling with coveting someone else's spouse on a
daily basis. Each time they see this married person, they are attempted to lure them into adultery.
Since God didn't take away the desire to indulge in this taboo relationship, they begin calling
themselves an adulterer and saying it's God's fault. After all, their failure to rid themselves of the
temptation through consistent fasting, prayer, and intimate relationship with the Lord, must mean
God wants them to embrace an adulterous lifestyle.

Hey, God is the all powerful one, so if He doesn't want this individual hopping in and out of
married people's beds, God needs to take the feeling away.

Ridiculous, right?

Temptation is not a manifestation of failure on God's part, rather it is a revelation of our fallen,
sinful nature. Let's be real. Nowhere in the Bible does it promise us that we will not be tempted. We
are instructed, however, not to yield to the numerous temptations we will inevitably face.

Sadly, it appears that DeJuaii Pace has been deceived into thinking her personal struggle with sin
warrants indulgence in it. Prayerfully, God will give her clarity and show her that each of us must
die to sin daily (1 Corinthians 15:31). And we must be willing to do
whatever we must to fight it.
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