Matthew Knowles and Juanita Bynum
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The real reason is, he has been dropped by
his popular pop singer daughter, Beyoncé.
This is why Matthew Knowles is on the
prowl for his next big thing, and has his eye
on making waves in the gospel music

It is no secret that Matthew Knowles  
garnered the biggest successes of his
20-year career by relentlessly promoting
his talented daughter.  The public has
watched other acts signed to his
management company fare very poorly
musically. His midas touch only seems to
work with his own seed, which makes
many question whether Knowles is really a
gifted manager, or simply a passionate
father willing to go the extra mile for his
favorite daughter.

Recently, the dumped dad sat down with
Black Enterprise to discuss why he has now
Matthew Knowles Explains why he is Now Focusing
Exclusively on Gospel Music (*For Now)...
chosen to focus exclusively on gospel music (at least for a season), and what his views are on
secular versus gospel music.

Says Knowles, "First of all, I never use the word 'secular' because I believe there are just different
genres of music. The reason I chose to focus on faith-based and inspirational music is because of
the message and hope it gives people. Folks, especially young people today, want hope. [Music
World’s] goal is to get that message across for the masses. There’s tremendous growth potential for
the faith-based inspirational community in digital, production, branding, endorsements and
merchandising. I believe we can share 20 years of knowledge and successes to make that happen."

Gospel music, which is about a lot more than just hope--remember Jesus Christ?--is a tougher sell
in the mainstream. Many executives don't want to hear the name of Jesus over the airwaves too
much, and certainly don't want anyone preaching too hard against homosexuality, premarital sex,
and an immoral lifestyle. Unlike Beyoncé, who is known to prance around on stage in skimpy
outfits and drop it like it's hot, gospel music is not designed to appeal to the erotic senses.

Furthermore, there are different rules in gospel music, which is more ministry-focused than
business focused, at least on the front-end. Unlike secular audiences (Secular and gospel music are
very different.), gospel lovers who are truly saved through the blood of Jesus Christ, are drawn in
by more than accolades, popularity, and radio play. A song needs to be anointed, and connect with
the heart and mind of the believer.

Mr. Knowles cannot manufacture successes, no matter how savvy he believes himself to be in the
music market.

For example, popular evangelist Juanita Bynum, whose career has been on the decline since her
public split from ex-husband Thomas Weeks, linked up with Knowles' Music World  label  in 2010.
She has yet to produce a song that strongly connects with gospel music lovers.

Make no mistake, Knowles' heart is not tied to gospel music for any other reason than the prospect
of adding more millions to his coffers. He even admits, "I wouldn’t be surprised if one day we land
another A-list R&B client or Destiny’s Child (that we still manage) goes on tour or puts out a
commemorative box set that includes everything about them that their lifelong fans want."

Gospel music cannot be treated as a pet project, but it is a tool to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ
throughout the world. At least, when done right, it is. It is also a unique art form, in that, the
lifestyle of the artist needs to match the message in the music. If it doesn't and the larger public
gets wind of that, those album sales will dry up more quickly than a raisin in the sun.

One last thing.

In the Kingdom of God, promotion doesn't come from man-made connections and influence. The
Bible says in  Psalm 75:6-7, "For promotion cometh neither from the east, nor from the west, nor
from the south. But God is the judge: He putteth down one, and setteth up another."

Only the Lord can raise someone up in the Kingdom. And He doesn't share His glory with anyone...
not even Matthew Knowles.
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