Deana Murphy: Designing Your Best Life
When you're ready to drop the excuses and truly begin living the life God destined for you to live, Dr.
Deana's bi-weekly motivational column in Empowering Everyday Women Online Magazine is a must-
read. Chock full of scriptures, strategies and empowering thoughts, Dr. Deana has an uncanny knack
for boosting your faith, confidence and determination to get out in the world and make your mark
for the glory of God. Her words are like a concise handbook on how to get motivated to pursue, seize
and fulfill your destiny.

Dr. Deana is a Marketplace Minister and founder and CEO of LivingDesigns360, a company that
mentors the kingdom-minded woman in creative ways to renovate and design her interior life so she
can create major breakthroughs, achieve personal accountability, emotional clarity and inner
direction. Also a master lifedesign strategist, speaker, educator, blogger and award winning author,
Dr. Deana’s creative approach embraces techniques from interior design. She takes her 13 years’
experience as a certified interior designer and successfully applies it to the art of Interior Lifedesign,
blending in a focus on personal development and life improvement strategies from head to toe.

Clients work with Dr. Deana through private strategy sessions, workshops, group mentoring
programs, keynotes and retreats. Her mission: to elevate, educate and motivate the Kingdom woman
so she can master her confidence, soar in her freedom and design her best life.

Visit Dr. Deana at
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