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It’s no secret that
totally disagrees with Kim Burell’s
decision to ditch gospel for secular
music, although some have been
defending the newly slimmed down
singer’s choice to branch out. The
argument in favor of Burrell’s
misguided path is, “She wants to reach
more people with a broader message
and church folks need to be more

If this is the case, it surely didn't seem
Kim Burrell Talks Ditching Gospel Music,  Living it Up after
Weight Loss, and being Less Religious
like it from what Burrell told ESSENCE.COM about her desire to break out into mainstream music
with the release of
The Love Album.

“The Love Album is probably the result of me allowing myself to live after the weight loss,” says
the senior pastor of Houston's Love and Liberty Fellowship Church, who reportedly shed 100
pounds last year. “It's also the result of me going into life a little bit further as a single woman who
was once married, and not so religious that I forget I'm a woman and that I will eventually date and
probably marry again.”

Being “not so religious,” and “allowing myself to live after the weight loss,” doesn’t sound at all to
EEW Magazine like a woman who is merely fishing for more souls in a bigger pond.
And, since
when did focusing on faith become a hindrance to single women?

Lord, have mercy.

Apparently, Burrell is totally done embracing a mindset that says,
my musical gift is dedicated to
Jesus and fulfilling his work on earth.
Looks like her trimmer waistline and her craving for post-
divorce love, outweighs her devotion to ministry.

Since when did being used by God to spread the gospel through music become optional, depending
upon the fluctuation in your dress size and relationship status? And what exactly does being “less
religious” entail?

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