Bishop TD Jakes/First Lady Serita Jakes
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She is the wife of one of the most famous
preachers in the world. Serita Jakes, the
soft spoken, sophisticated missus, opened
up in the April issue of EBONY Magazine
about her relationship with mega-pastor
Bishop TD Jakes.

To the millions inspired by his ministry, he
is a preacher, advisor, author, and
entrepreneurial genius. To Serita Jakes,
however, the Bishop fills a completely
different role.

"My husband is my boyfriend," says the
First Lady of the Potter's House in Dallas.
"He is my closest friend. I can confide in
him, and we make time for one another."

TD Jakes, who is gearing up for the release
of his new film, Jumping the Broom, in
theaters May 6, is depicted by Mrs. Jakes
as a compassionate, patient, attentive man.
Serita Jakes Shares Secrets to her Successful Marriage
to Bishop TD Jakes
"Years ago I was in a car accident and, for the first year-and-a-half, I couldn't walk. My husband
never left my side," she says. Today, the two, who wed in 1981, are still inseparable.

So how do Mr. & Mrs. Jakes keep the passion and fire in their relationship burning hot even with
numerous ministry and business obligations? According to the first lady and author of
Princess Within
, thy still court each other. "We date. We go to the beach," she says. And they also
"enjoy dancing in Switzerland while we are on vacation."

Aside from whirlwind vacations and dancing cheek to cheek, there is a bit of sage advice Mrs.
Jakes shares that's worth repeating.

"Our marriage vows say, 'for better or for worse.' We are supposed to honor those vows; they are
our marching orders."

It's nice to see couples honoring their commitments to each other, and several more first ladies
talk love and marriage in the magazine.

Among those spotlighted are Taffi Dollar, Debra Morton, Bridget E. Hilliard and more.
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