How Not to Be a Hater
Live the Empowered Life: Coach Felicia Scott
    2. There are no coincidences:  A few
    years ago, Mel Gibson starred in the movie,
    Signs about a preacher who lost his faith in
    God due to personal tragedy.  I won’t give
    away the ending but the movie is true in this
    regard…there are no coincidences.  He is a
    God who planned.

    As the story of Esther unfolds, it becomes
    clear that the fates of Israel, Mordecai and
    Esther are interwoven.  Scripture reveals
    that Mordecai sat daily at the gates for news
    of Esther’s progress and well-being (please
    read Esther 2:11 and 2:19-23).  Why?  
    Because he was her guardian and she was still his responsibility.  In turn, Esther still sought
    him out for guidance and counsel.

    Through fulfilling their obligations to one another, God places Mordecai in a position to
    overhear key information that will eventually preserve the people of Israel.  At the time,
    Mordecai had no idea what God was doing.  He only knew that the king’s life was in danger
    and he acts.

    Like with Mordecai, taking care of our responsibilities positions us to be in the right place at
    the right time for the next move of God in our lives.  Surrendering to what God has revealed,
    opens the door for God to give us the inside track on the unknown.

    Faithfully performing our responsibilities with integrity positions us for the moment when
    our lives are suddenly changed.  You may have already stepped unknowingly into your
    moment of destiny, but God will reveal His plans at the right time and season.

    3. Give everyone their due:  When Esther reports the plot against the king, she doesn’t
    fail to give Mordecai the necessary credit.  The culture of the world is to take another
    person’s shine, so that we look better.  But when we walk in purpose, we have the confidence
    to recognize the achievements of others.  We aren’t afraid of others being promoted or being
    left behind.

    Our destinies and paths are intertwined.  You never know how letting someone shine now
    will open the door for you to shine later.  It may even save your life.  We are not in a
    kingdom of competition but of encouragement and support.  We are promoted through
    humility, not pride.  Our actions are not self-serving, but we know that through serving
    others we will be blessed.

Live It!  Review the three principles above and identify the area where you struggle the most in
your faith.  Do you have trouble celebrating others? Do you struggle to believe that God has your
best interest at heart?  Are you more focused on having than becoming?  Read the story of Esther
over the next two weeks and identify where God proves Himself faithful in your area of struggle.
season right now is one of waiting.  But God has graced and grown me to the point where I am
happy—even overjoyed—at seeing God’s faithfulness at work in the lives of those around me.  

But sometimes in my soul’s midnight, I ask, “OK Dad, now what about me?”  We all know what to
do when the harvest comes in, but during times of “quiet” in our lives, we can sometimes
mistakenly believe that God is sitting off in the heavens with His hands neatly folded as we struggle
with life’s bitterness and frustrations.  But today we return again to the wisdom of Esther to learn
more about how God works in our process.

In Chapter 2 of Esther, we see:

    1. Being precedes doing:  In Ester 2:7, it is noted that our heroine is known by two
    names.  Her birth name Hadassah, which means hidden and also refers to the myrtle plant
    resembling a twinkling star.  She is also Esther, which means star.  Hadassah was but a
    shadow of who she would become as she fulfilled her purpose.

    Throughout the majority of the story, Esther’s origin and nationality is hidden.  It is a secret
    lurking in the background, awaiting the right moment to come to light.  Like Esther, many of
    us feel hidden.  We look at the realities of our life and compare it to the potential we feel
    inside and things don’t measure up.  We know there is more to us—to life—yet we can’t seem
    to make it happen.

    The truth is that our strivings will not produce our required transformation.  We are not
    changed by human effort; we are changed by His grace.  Our biggest contribution is a willing
    and obedient heart.  God takes care of the rest.

    While we define purpose by activity, God focuses on our becoming.  He understands that
    our actions will inevitably flow out of our person.
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I’ve learned and am learning that the best
place for my mind to rest is on God’s
workings and purpose for my life.  I can’t
afford to be a hater when others are blessed.  
In fact, if I am truly convinced of God’s love,
then I can only rejoice as I watch others
bring in their long awaited harvests.   

It is undoubtedly a season of harvest and
promotion in the lives of many of my family
members and friends.  I am witnessing the
process of dreams coming true…suddenly!  I
confess that at one point I would have
sickened myself with envy because my